Head of Nutrition Study Program Preventing Stunting in Bone Distric

Stunting is one of the public health nutrition problems with a high prevalence in Bone Regency. The stunting rate in this place is the second highest after Enrekang Regency. In an effort to prevent stunting, the head of the Nutrition Science Study Program and his team trained the cadre of dasawisma in the District of Barebbo, as the sub-district with the highest stunting rate in Bone Regency. The training aims to make Dasawisma cadres become the frontline in stunting prevention for toddlers. This training activity is a service activity which is a series of dies natalis at Hasanuddin University
The training, which was held for 2 days, was attended by 33 participants. On the first day participants were given material about stunting and how to prevent it. On the second day, participants were trained to measure the nutritional status of toddlers to determine whether toddlers stunted or not. With these skills, it is hoped that dasawisma cadres can screen toddlers and take preventative measures for stunting
The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in the training activities. Based on the measurement of knowledge before and after the training, it was seen that the knowledge of the participants had increased. Before the training the participants’ knowledge in the good category was …%, in the sufficient category was ….% and the less category was ….%. After the training the participants’ knowledge improved, where participants in the good category became …%, in the moderately category …% and in the less category …%
This training is expected to be a real contribution of universities, especially Hasanuddin University in an effort to overcome the problem of stunting in Indonesia. Hopefully with this training, the incidence of stunting in Barebbo District in particular and Bone Regency will generally decrease

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